I.        Introduction

The Data Graphing feature allows for the visualization of both current and historical data.    

II.        Creating a Trend Graph

  • Select either the Historical Data Graph or Real Time Graph tab located at the top of the form
  • Select the Group for the desired tag from the Group dropdown box  
  • Select the Tag Description for the desired tag from the dropdown Tag Description box
  • Click the Add button located to the right of the Tag Description to add the tag to the graph
  • Repeat the above steps to add additional pens to the graph (a maximum of 16 pens is allowed)
  • Click the Remove button to delete the last pen added to the graph
  • Click the Clear button to delete all pens from the graph
  • Click the  Refresh button to redraw the graph and include the most current data

  • Click the Date Selection dropdown box to open a calendar for selecting the start date of the graph
  • Click the Number of Days dropdown box to select how many days will be displayed in the graph
  • Click the Previous and Next buttons to move the graph forward or backward through time

III.        Creating a Preset

Once pen selections have been made using the above procedure you can save the settings in a Preset for future use.

  • Click the New button to create a new Preset
  • Click inside the Preset Name text box and enter a name for the new preset
  • Click the Save button to permanently save the new Preset
  • To permanently delete a preset, first select the preset from the dropdown list, and then click the Delete button