Gateway or data forwarding functionality is a simple configuration that allows TagsCollector to pull data from one device and push it out to another. This action permits the simple passing of data between two PLC using dissimilar communication protocols.

This functionality should never be utilized for critical data, in situations required for emergency stops, or in any other life safety applications.

To configure Data Forwarding / Gateway functionality:

  • Select or Add the tag for the target location
  • Test the tags to verify it is reading data as expected
  • Disconnect the management console from the service
  • Double click the cell under the column "Forward Value to PLC From",
  • Select the tag that will be the data source from the Group and Description drop down lists
  • Select Get Data From "Tag" radio button
  • Click "OK"
  • Check the checkbox under the "Write Enable" column  
  • Enter a Write Min value for the minimum allowed value to be sent to the target device
  • Enter a Write Max value for the maximum allowed value to be sent to the target device