Custom Animated Graphics

More than just pretty pictures... Information that users understand

  • Design a graphics-rich web-based UI (user interface), using only Microsoft's Visual Studio
  • Templates for ASP.NET designed to get you up and going quickly:
    • Master page & site navigation menu
    • Data collection class for interfacing to the TagsCollector service
    • User login & user account management
    • User event logging (record everything a user does)
    • Historic & real-time trend graphing
    • Alarm manager & alarm event logging
    • Event scheduler & recipe manager
    • Content page examples
  • Connect standard buttons & labels to real time data using only the tool tip text for linking to tags
  • Utilize graphics, sprite animations, and color coding to reduce the time required for turning new hires into productive employees
  • Refresh the data without reloading the entire page for lightning fast page updates
  • Host multiple webpages for delivering content to digital signage displays located around your facility

Visit our online UI demo connected to actual PLCs