Enterprise-Level SCADA Engine
for rapid website development

No specialized training or mystical powers required...
we've already worked the magic!

Increase Productivity
  • Instant event notification
  • Respond faster to problems
  • Reduce downtime and defects
  • Increased operator understanding
  • Identify potential problems early
  • Reduce paperwork and reporting
  • Evaluate process modifications
Access from Anywhere
  • Process & Production Equipment
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Compressors and Air Dryers
  • Tank Farms and Pumping
  • Boilers, Chillers, & HVAC
  • Communication Network Status
  • Facility Energy Consumption
Eliminate the learning curve
  • Utilize the eight million .NET developers currently using Microsoft’s integrated development environment

  • Create system graphics using the software you prefer. Import files from Adobe, Affinity, AutoCAD, and others!

  • Develop the user's web interface using Microsoft’s Visual Studio (we provide the templates)

  • Deploy the solution using Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS)

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A Fresh Approach to SCADA

At Teronus, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is nothing new. We've been utilizing this same technology for over 25 years to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. By exploiting an infrastructure developed by the IT industry, TagsCollector now allows anyone with basic web development knowledge to create a fully functional web-based SCADA system in a fraction of the time required by traditional systems. Our powerful SCADA engine collects and formats the PLC data, stores it for future evaluation, manages alarms, manages recipes, manages user access, and much, much more. This means that you no longer need to purchase an expensive, proprietary, and overly complex SCADA package to monitor and control your facility. Simply install TagsCollector on your server, enter your tag data, and begin building a full-featured, dynamic, web-based SCADA system using only Visual Studio and your favorite graphics editing software. Our included ASP.NET website templates and quick start development videos are designed to get you up and going quickly with no complicated coding required.

TagsCollector was created from the ground up to meet the unique needs of our enterprise-level industrial customers. The application is centered around a robust core designed to run 24/7 with no interruptions and includes many new innovative features; like our unique data transformation plugins that virtually eliminate repetitive data entry during development (along with the cut and paste errors that are commonly experienced using competitive systems). The system is completely capable of collecting thousands of tags and delivering this formatted data to a web-based user interface that's able to support multiple simultaneous users. And the system is fast! Web pages containing hundreds of data tags can typically be dynamically updated in less than a second, allowing even remote users to see exactly what their systems are doing.