DH+ to Ethernet Hardware Configuration

To facilitate communication with older AB legacy products, such as SLC series PLCs; a hardware gateway can be installed to bridge the Ethernet communications network to the older DH+ (Data Highway Plus) communications standard.  

Gateway Hardware required:

       1756 - DHRIO Allen-Bradley DH+/RIO Communication module *

       1756-ENBT /A - Ethernet/IP 10/100 Bridge module

       1756-A4 / 4-Slot Rack

       1756-PA72 (AC)  OR 1756-PB72 (24VDC) / Power Supply


* Note: Series A & B DHRIO modules do NOT support 230K communications

Configure Hardware

    1. Configure Rotary switches on DH+/RIO module to select baud rate and node number
    2. Place DH+/RIO module in Slot-0
    3. Place Ethernet ENBT module in Slot-1

Configure Ethernet module

    1. Connect to ControlLogix Gateway’s Ethernet/IP card

    1. Run Boot-P
      • Find Module MAC address in list / select module / click “Add Relation”
      • Enter IP, Host name, & Description
      • Select Device in bottom list and click “Disable BootP/DHCP”

    1. Open RSLinx
      • Configure Ethernet driver to add the desired IP address

      • Expand the Ethernet/IP module
        • Module Config
        • Select Static radio button
        • Check Box “Auto negotiate port speed & duplex
        • Click Apply and reset to apply settings

Configure DH+/RIO module

    1. Access through either Logix 500 OR 5000
    2. No internal configuration is needed.
    3. Routing table is not used. Restore all settings to defaults