Welcome to TagsCollector

Release: 5.0.9  - 7/21/2021

TagsCollector is an intuitive system that can be used for building full service SCADA / Facility Monitoring systems capable of integrating data from almost any PLC, database, web page, HMI, or machine. This integration allows you to monitor your production equipment, tank farms, filtration systems, HAVC units, chillers, air compressors, boilers, and power consumption all through a single easy to operate, web based user interface.

TagsCollector was created from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of industrial customers. Our web-based UI can support multiple simultaneous users each viewing different data. Web pages containing hundreds of data tags can typically be dynamically updated in less than one second allowing operators to see exactly what their systems are doing.

Just install the TagsCollector service on your IIS server, connect your tags, and start building a full-featured web-based user interface using only Microsoft's Visual Studio and our included web-site templates. TagsCollector is designed to get you up and going quickly with a fully functional system. The TagsCollector background service handles all the heavy lifting of collecting and formatting the data, archiving historical data, managing user access, and managing alarms; thus eliminating the need to enter data multiple times in multiple places; simply enter your tags, and start constructing your UI with Visual Studio.